Thursday, September 6, 2007

461 Patricia for President!

Message no. 461[Branch from no. 400] Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Wednesday, February 21, 2007 5:55pm Subject: Patricia for President!

Patricia this relational summary is absolutely superb!!! Not only does it give us a great grip on what the book is saying, and how and where, and how those ideas relate to your own life data and observations, but you have used the power of imagination to paint a world that we can feel and see and touch (and yes, SMELL! :)) Yout powers of description are marvellous, and the way you juxtaposed the dystopian present with your eutopian (and very plausible!) 2010 made the whole experience come to life.

Because you backed up your observations and opinions with authoritative references, your eutopian scenario had powerful credibility! This is how we make real changes! You asked in an email how we could make the changes we desire and here you are answering your own question -- you do exactly what you did in this summary -- you use the power of fantasy environment creation to suggest plausible alternative realities and you back up the fantasy with hard scientific evidence and with grounded theories, as you have done.

I must say this : if you run for office on this platform, I will vote for you!

Cheers! T

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