Thursday, September 6, 2007

764 Movies about Mars

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Glad you are enjoying exploring our neighbor!

Here is a guide to all the fiction films made about Mars:

I highly recommend the movie "Naufragos" (Spanish film, English title "Stranded") "Náufragos" 2002 Spain (Feature Film, 95 minutes) [TMS-SD Library] See "Stranded" "Stranded" 2002 Spain (Feature Film, 95 minutes) [TMS-SD Library] aka: "Stranded: Náufragos", "Náufragos", "Shelter, The" The first manned mission to Mars crashes onto the surface of the planet. The astronauts are faced with a dire situation. With no resources and no time to wait for the rescue team to arrive, they have just one alternative: three must die so the other two can survive. But who will live and who will die?"

In the film the crew takes shelter in the very caves you and Adrienne have been talking about, and discover ancient life forms there! I don't know if the filmmakers new about the caves or just hypothesized, but if you want to see a very realistic movie about a mission to Mars, check this one out.

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