Friday, September 7, 2007

899 The Day After Tomorrow: What Global Warming Brings

Message no. 899[Branch from no. 867] Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Monday, April 30, 2007 2:03pm Subject: Re: Relational Summary

Thanks for sharing your fears and nightmares and the uncomfortable truths of disasters in this excellent summary Daniela! Sorry to hear the chapter brought back bad memories! I imagine you would not enjoy movies like "The Day After Tomorrow" where floods and tidal waves cause havoc!

I am indeed sorry to hear about the asbestos problem you are now facing at home, and about the radiation induced problem affecting your boyfriend's relatives. It does get discouraging, doesn't it? My only way of dealing with these things is to try to learn as much as possible about potential threats, to try and prepare as much as possible so that problems don't turn into disasters (I do this by asking "what is it that would really make the situation bad -- is there a way to keep having food, clean water, shelter, light, warmth and the ability to dispose of sewage if the city breaks down... can I prepare for this...?).

I also thank God that we live on a planet like the Earth that has a magnetosphere and an ozone shield to keep us relatively well protected from meteors and cosmic radiation, and is filled with ecologies of diverse life forms who give us air to breathe and purify the water and decompose our wastes, making them fertilizer. It could be much worse, and we are so lucky, really! Imagine if we had to rely on our machines and technology to keep us safe and alive! Then every time there was a breakdown we would have a real disaster!

I worry mostly for those brave people who will live off the earth and for those who will try to survive on the earth after the ecosystem has collapsed. We have grown accustomed to being subsidized by a really gentle and benign planet that has always taken care of our needs so that we can consider an occasional storm or tidal wave "a disaster". There isn't another place as peaceful as the Earth in the entire solar system, and there hasn't been a time in the earth's history when things were so good (imagine living during one of the many ice ages!).

We shall see what global warming brings...

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