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21 This is a test: Screen capture for PC

Message no. 21 Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Monday, January 22, 2007 4:28pm Subject: This is a test: Screen capture for PC


For all you PC users, a detailed description of how to use the "print screen button" can be found here:

Here is what it says:

"Have you ever pressed the print screen key on your Windows keyboard and wondered why it was there since it never seemed to do anything? Well, it does do something! It places an image of your screen on the "clipboard," ready to paste into any graphics program. These steps show you how to use it along with Windows' standard image editor, Microsoft Paint, to save an image of your screen. Difficulty: Easy Time Required: 1 minute Here's How:

1. Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. 2. Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint. 3. Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste. 4. If prompted to enlarge the image, choose Yes. 5. Optional: Use your image editor's crop tool to crop out unnecessary portions of the screen shot. 6. Go to the File Menu and choose Save As. 7. Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image. 8. Type a file name for the image. 9. Select a file type. 10. Click the Save button.


1. Hold the Alt key down while pressing Print Screen to capture only the active window. 2. Generally the GIF format works best when saving screen shots of application windows. The JPEG format usually makes screen shots (especially those with text) blurry, blotchy and discolored. 3. See related resources below for more screen shot tips and listings of screen capture software that offers many more options for capturing screens and portions of screens on Windows and Macintosh computers. 4. The Windows " clipboard" is a term used to describe the temporary storage space in memory where an item is placed when you copy or cut. When you paste, the item is transferred to the program you're working in. If you copy something else, the old item is replaced with the new. You can't navigate to or manipulate the clipboard directly; it's only used for copy and paste operations.

Happy capturing!

Here I have posted the whole town of Essen, Germany, where we will be next week. The green arrow still points to my wife's family's home. I have posted here a more distant map on which I have used paint to draw a red line showing the path I usually take to jog to the train station, then walk through the old city and then to the Saturn Electronics center in the shopping mall where one can buy virtual reality games, equipment and DVDs. See if you can use screen capture and Paint or some other program to point out features of your environment.

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