Thursday, August 30, 2007

202 Vocabulary and the Relational Summaries: Getting out of D-D-D-Denial!

Message no. 202 Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Friday, February 2, 2007 8:38pm Subject: Relational Summary

Dear dauntless denizens of digital education, defenders of decentralized, dynamic, distributed idea-network environments, daredevil do-gooders dissatisfied with deindividuation and dystopian, disaster-prone and dangerous landscapes who dream of and delight in better design alternatives and defensible spaces that are free from the daily hassles that lead to disruptions and distortions and who question the dominant Western world view that human domination over infinite natural resources leads to inevitable progress, seeing that to avoid dementia we need a diffusion of responsibility and differentiation in our physical environments and distinctiveness in our cultural environments so that we can avoid negative density-intensity and the punishments of high decibel stressors, and who recognize that through descriptive research and a descriptive approach to the detection of patterns through environmental psychology we can get out of our state of denial and create a design cycle that creates a higher degree of visual and informational access in our geographical and cognitive districts that allows full democratic participation, alleviates directed attention fatigue and information overload and leads to the kind of eutopian environment that deep ecology tells us is needed to avoid the disintegration of society predicted by the determinism of fear-mongers who see Armageddon as the eschatological result of human civilization,

Hello! Here is the space to put your relational chapter summary number one!

You are probably asking yourself -- what the heck was that introduction all about? Hint: Check pages 505 and 506 in your text book. Then you tell me... in what way was the way I started this discussion post a kind of "relational summary" of the textbook? First person to post the answer gets a free meme! (What's a "meme", you ask? You tell me!!)

O.K., enough goofing around -- here's the space -- you all have either the text book or the very generous scan of Chapter 1 from your marvelous colleague, Dawn (Thanks Dawn!!) , so get readin' and get postin'!!!

-- The captain (without Tenille).

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