Thursday, August 30, 2007

97 New course content posted to supplement the text

Message no. 97 Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Friday, January 26, 2007 4:11am Subject: New course content posted to supplement the text

Hello intrepid 10,

Recognizing that many of you may still not have the book to read, I have decided to shift everything back by one week, so that your first relational chapter summary will be due a week from this Monday, not this coming Monday. Give me a day to shift the calendar and it will reflect this change.

Meanwhile, for those of you hungry to jump into the topics that form the core arguments and foundation of chapter 1 and 2 and illustrate the biggest debates in the field, I have posted my own Ph.D. field papers on the topic of "Environmentalism: Past, Present and Future" which goes heavily into the big question: "what is nature, what is "the environment", what do we mean by "environmentalism" and "what is the state of the world"?

I have posted them in the course content area in two different forms: as an HTML (web page style) that you can click on and read in your browser and, underneath, as a DOC format, which you can download and open with Microsoft Word. The doc format is cleaner -- I am having some problems with fonts and formatting in the html form, but you can access it quicker that way and see if you want to download the document.

My writing in these Ph.D. documents is very very dense, so don't be discouraged. It was meant to satisfy academics in order to get my doctorate, so don't expect easy reading. However you may find very valuable quotes and insights in the papers if you mine them and throw away the parts you don't understand. I'm not expecting you to read them all the way through or understand them since you are not going for your Ph.D.'s (yet!). But if you skim through them you will find a goldmine of ideas that you can add to your own intellectual tool kit and use to build the intellectual capital that you can parlay into real academic and philosophical progress!

So enjoy!

Hope these writings tie you over until the textbook arrives, and that they may supplement the readings if you feel so inclined. I think they raise fantastic discussion points and would love to debate you on them. They really synthesize how I see this whole issue of "how does environmental psychology relate to "environmentalism" and how does this all relate to the "environmental movement".



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