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33 Getting to know our virtual environments:Uploading and Posting Pictures

Message no. 33[Branch from no. 31] Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Tuesday, January 23, 2007 12:05pm Subject: Getting to know our virtual environments:Uploading and Posting Pictures

Hi Daniela and all (in academic jargon: et al.)

So far no attachments have come through. from anyone, so I will check with tech support to see if there is a problem with student uploads. Generally you will know if a discussion message in the thread of discussions has an attachment because the icon of the little envelope to the left of the title of the message (which is closed if you haven't read it, and open if you have) has a little paper clip icon next to it, indicating that there is an attachment. You will notice that Michelle's "this is a test" has a paper clip, but that the file type is listed as an .mht, which my computer won't open (please let us know if any of you were able to open Michelle's attachment.)

Here's what we should do for starters:

In keeping with our "getting to know our environments" theme, could you each let us know what COMPUTER ENVIRONMENT you are working in? In other words -- what type of computer do you sit in front of each day -- a PC or a Mac? What brand? Desktop or laptop? What speed connection? Which browser do you use (Internet Explorere, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, some other?), which software do you use (Microsoft Office,, Paint, Photoshop, The Gimp.... whatever).

This way we will know how that personal computing environment is affecting the psychology of our behavior as we try to communicate through the world wide web environment.

P.S. Remember when you post attachments that you hit "Browse" (the button below) to find the file on your computer, then you must hit "Attach file" and wait for it to show up underneath as an attachment (right now my screen says "There are no files attached" under the words "Attachments:", "Browse" and "Attach file". This indicates I'm not attaching anything.

Hope that helps!

Happy posting!

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