Thursday, August 30, 2007

147 Getting to Know Each Other

Message no. 147[Branch from no. 91] Posted by Thomas Culhane (1311520071) on Monday, January 29, 2007 4:32am Subject: Re: Getting to know each other!

Hi Danielle,

Didn't want you to feel neglected -- since you joined the class a little late I didn't have a chance to google map you and ask you specific questions to answer about your environment, so here are some questions I would be curious to hear about:

1) When I was in high school in 1978 I took scuba diving lessons at the Tarrytown YMCA. I've forgotten where it is. Could you do me the favor of taking me down memory lane and marking it on Google Map for me? Do they still offer scuba diving? Do you consider Tarrytown to be near the ocean? Does Tarrytown strike you as an obvious place or a strange place to learn to become a diver, and why?

2) Does Tarrytown have a "river town" feel to you? How does it compare with Irvington as a historical town? What role does Lyndhurst play in your life? Is the aqueduct a feature in your cognitive map as a place of recreation and joy?

3) Would you consider having a wedding party at that Inn off of south broadway near the Tappan Zee -- I had a wedding band with Joe Rooney in college that played there. Is it considered a cool spot to celebrate?

4) How does the presence of the Tappan Zee bridge affect your impression of life in Tarrytown. As a lifeline to worlds beyond the River, does it affect your daily behavior (is it more convenient for you to go across to the Mall in Nyack to see a film or shop, or does the toll act as a constraint? Which seems closer in terms of "transaction costs" (transportation and time and money) -- Central Avenue or Nyack? Now that you can see them from a bird's eye view, which is really closer (as the crow flies?).

5) What is all that concrete off of Beekman Ave by the river south of Kingsland Point County Park. It looks like an airport!

Tell us about your environment, okay?


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