Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Environmental Psychology Intro

Environment and the Psychology of Behavior
Course # BHSC295DLB 3 credits Call #13116
Instructor: T.H. Culhane

Greetings! This blog is intended to help us explore the field of Environmental Psychology, and provides a feedback space for students enrolled in our on-line course in "Environment and the Psychology of Behavior" offered for credit through Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry New York.

As the instructor of the course I invite comments from non-enrolled students and visitors (on-line auditors are welcome!) and hope that collectively we can use the insights gleaned from this course to improve the worlds that surround us.

The basic text we are using in the course is "Environmental Psychology - Fifth Edition" by Paul A. Bell, Thomas C. Greene, Jeffery D. Fisher and Andrew Baum (2001, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, New Jersey, London.) The link to purchasing it on is here.

Beyond this text, we will be doing alot of exploring and discussing what is known as "the metaverse" - a virtual environment or simulation of the world residing in the "mind" of internet linked computer servers. The most popular of these -- a place called "Second Life" is where we will focus most of our efforts. For you to get familiar with Second Life before plunging into it, read the following websites:

The SimTeaching Wiki (a wikipedia of many great Second Life educational sites)

Second Life: The Educational Possibilities of a Massively Multiplayer Virtual World (MMVW)

Articles on Education in Second Life

Second Life as a Virtual Learning Environment


We will set the Sloodle location in Hyperborea as our primary meeting place. It's "SLURL" (Second Life URL, or address coordinates, are Sloodleville, Hyperborea (7, 161, 23).

T.H. Culhane's other blogs of interest to those exploring environmental psychology are:, and

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